Benefits of meditation — Improving Everyday. This is an incredible read. I highly recommend everybody reads this.

Meditation helps every aspect of life, and the benefits are amazing. There are tons of benefits recently proven by science. So here are a few.

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Showing staff members how it’s done, will set an amazing standard. It will also galvanise your team.


Why is it important to show them how it’s done?

In my opinion some the best teachers of my craft that I have had in my life, have actually shown me how to make sales/leads. What it does crucially from a teachers point of view, is creates an image of superiority for the teacher and also means that the student can see that the techniques they preach work. It also by default defeats that mentality of it isn’t possible. It will create a reserve of positivity that will increase productivity. It also makes the teacher part of the team because they are contributing to the targets that the team have been set.

A manager should always be passionate about what he is teaching

We always think have we still got it in our locker, getting back on the phone will reignite that fire of passion for dialling. If you don’t have that passion or excitement for it, you didn’t love the sport of sales in the first place. Which means you became a manager to get off the phone not to instil your passion for sales on to others. Without this passion for sales it will become harder to teach employees how to be better.

From a financial point of view you will have to employ a teacher to come in and there’s no guarantee that their product knowledge will benefit your team. It will also take time to get it to fit your sales teams’ needs. This will mean the return on investment will take longer and there’s no guarantee it will work. Unless you just focus on a motivational coach. But as we all know that to be successful, you need more then enthusiasm. Its fine being pumped up to lift 200kg, until you have to lift it. You need to train hard to get to that stage on technique and form. Its the same with sales, perfect your close, rapport skills, call control techniques, positive energy and your reserve to deal with negativity.

Employing managers internally

With the employment of managers internally, that manager gains respect from his staff members as long as they are a good performer of this sport called sales. I have first-hand witnessed mediocre sales people go into a training programme and become a manager. That’s not to say they don’t know how to manage but they don’t know how to become top seller, so how are they are going to motivate me, when they can’t even motivate themselves to do it. It’s a logic that made managers that weren’t better than me, hard to take seriously.

Taking a top seller off the phone and placing them as a manager, will get rid of the sales on the board that they contributed. Which initially sounds ludicrous but in the long term if they can get 6 more sales people performing at a similar rate to them, then your business is laughing. Also their successes leave clues, so the low performers will want to listen to him because of what they have seen them do with their own eyes. What this will also do is provide a manager who can get on the phone and still show people how it’s done. That trick up their sleeve will be a priceless commodity to the business. Will also mean that the entire team will be trained under one regimented ethos. It will increase team spirit because even the manager is rolling up their sleeves and getting stuck in.

How do I know that this theory would work?

I know that this theory would work because I worked in a business that had a dedicated trainer who was one of the best sales men I have ever met. The manager of that sales team was an incredible sales men too, they were two sides of the same coin and complimented each other very well. Also they both had the ability to gain respect because they had done this job that we were doing. It was like seeing a soldier who had stripes from being in the trenches. It’s like having William Wallace from Braveheart every morning, before the dialling hours started, showing us his passion and what’s possible. We found ourselves following him blindly with a burning faith because he has been in our shoes. Also any advice they gave us, was taken on board and never questioned.

How my Telemarketers will benefit from my experience.

Since I set up my business 8 months ago. I have had some of the best sales people I have worked with offer their services to me because they want to work for me. Now I have to remind people you will be working “with me” not “for me”. All the people who have offered their services have all said that they respected me as a sales men first. They all feel that I could teach them something and create a great environment to work in. None of my advice will be ignored because it will only cause their figures and results to fail. Sometimes you got to swallow your pride and take a good look on where you need to improve. If it isn’t broke don’t fix it, is good in theory, but if you are monitoring performance you won’t have to wait for it to break for you to mend it. When something breaks it’s out of action, so that could harm your sales performance. So prepare for storms and keep learning and you will maintain the top spot you seek.

We are upsizing soon…

How you could benefit

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Is your management managing to teach you? or just reporting it and letting you drown in deep waters.

Aren’t managers meant to teach employees based on experience?

This is something that I have seen first-hand. Lazy managers who don’t teach me any techniques but expect me to smash targets without being taught anything new. Now let’s be honest with ourselves if we don’t change what we are putting in, how will the result be any different? The answer is, no it won’t.

I am not stating that the student shouldn’t be held accountable for his results. But being motivated and knowledgeable in what he is selling, is something a manager should be managing. So many places I have worked at in the past 2-3 years, did not add anything to my skill set. I ended up learning more speaking to colleagues or successful sales people in that business and elsewhere.

I found that I learned from people that were doing well, and had been in the trenches and tasted victory of being top seller before. I will never forget the fact an old manager had never done an outbound dialling campaign in their life. They were meant to teach me how to do the job without ever doing it themselves. The logic behind that confused me, because if I came to the them with a problem how would they respond? that’s right, blag the hell out of it and just lie to me with what works.


The difference with working with Beans on Toast Marketing Ltd

The difference my business will have is, a managers main thought is not a report but driving the sales team to deliver the leads, appointments or online demonstrations. Let’s be honest if the results aren’t on the report, it doesn’t matter how you butter it up, it won’t look good.

All my sales staff will have the ability to;

  • Talk to me.
  • Ask me or campaign manager any questions about the campaign itself. I want them to feel there is no barrier. between us.
  • Bring problems to me as soon as possible, so we can address the problems quickly.
  • Ask me about tips and industry knowledge to improve their pitches.
  • Books to read to get better. (this is something I ignored for a while, but when I decided to pick up a book, I gained experience from peoples’ experiences)
  • Even a cheeky joke to raise morale. I want my staff to enjoy their day and not feel like it’s a prison, where they get yard time and a lunch break.

This is all because they are working “with me”, not for me. The passion I have is to stop people being treated how I was at other establishments, it’s what drives me to implement this ethos to my sales staff. So much so that I already have a list of people who want to work for me and I have had to correct them, that they will be working “with me” not for me.


Motivation is key, but understanding how others respond to different types is crucial

From an early age I understood an untold law that a boss had to be scary to gain respect. I have got to say that nobody is going to be motivated on the back of fear. It will consume him and if he has a bad day which everyone in sales has. It will set that sales men back and cause his confidence to be knocked. When your confidence is low, sales is a lonely place. Confirming to the employee that he is on his own will only affect the campaign, then the client and before you know it’s on your lap as a problem.

Now motivation from us at Beans On Toast Marketing Ltd Ltd will be understanding what that sales men responds to and acting accordingly. Gary Vaynerchuck said it best, “I get more from my staff by deploying honey than vinegar.”

How I got motivated to improve and perfect my craft

When I was on the phone at my first sales job, I was bottom of the pile and nobody helped me. It was only me wanting to get better and hearing about techniques that worked. Now at that point I was good but not great. I had the technique but didn’t understand that my mind was holding me back.

When I switched over to telemarketing and booking appointments it was a different ball park, for the first time I was selling time. The company I went to had a telesales manager and a performance manager. Who went into detail every week about my calls, focusing on where to develop, what was working for me and it was all documented and given to me to keep. This was a really in-depth experience, it made me start to analyse myself and start to look at how I could improve myself. Not going to lie, at that point in my career my pride wouldn’t let me change as much as I should of. My mind was still holding me back.


How I stumbled across a really effective method of improving members of staff

I know that this is focusing on a sales team but I believe reflecting with staff is a way of getting everyone on the same page. It will also create an open channel for staff to discuss problems and in turn address problems quicker and more efficiently. It will also help your team focus on improving not because they are doing badly, but just because we only stop learning when we are dead. I love the quote’ “If you think you know everything; you know nothing. If you think you know nothing; you know something.”

This management strategy and attention to detail opened my eyes to a blueprint that I wanted to integrate with my future business. Even 6 years ago I believed that I would own my own business. Even set up a clothing business at that time, just so that I could do a tax return and learn how to keep books for it.

What gave me the push to make this happen

Now my main motivation to set up this Marketing business was the way I have been treated since that time. I have been top selling everywhere I have worked, since I have moved down to the coast. Only one manager made me feel of worth and that was the job with the least wage and commission structure. Which taught me, that to get the best out of people you don’t need to always throw money at them. Don’t get me wrong it helps. It was the just atmosphere made that job so enjoyable.

Over ten years after starting in sales, I am running my own telemarketing company. I finally stopped my mind from holding me back. The frustrations I had, have now motivated me to change how I am and how my future employees are treated. Also the books and online seminars have helped me build the self-confidence to get through the tough times.

My why

When people ask me why I am doing this, the answer is never for the money. The answer is I want to create an environment that people want to come to work for and it be inspiring every day. My company will be for people who want to do better with their life and learn some amazing skills that will make life easier as well. I am going to encourage people to dream not dilute it like other places had try to do to me.

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